Japanese-English electronic dictionary with special focus on kanji characters

Japanese-English kanji dictionary
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Home > Download
System requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10.
130 MB RAM,   68 MB free disk space.

Download the self-extracting executable file, run it, and follow the instructions of the setup program. When the installation is finished, you can delete jishop-setup.exe from your computer.

Download  from  here
Version 8.3 released 12.02.2021, 40.4 MB

Visit  Microsoft  Store
for users of Windows 10 or 8

JiShop can function at three different levels: Concise, Plus, and Advanced. At Concise level, you can view the entries of 1026 characters from the "Gakushu Kanji" list ("Educational Kanji"). At Plus level, you can view the entries of 2136 characters from the "Joyo Kanji" list ("Kanji for daily use"). At Advanced level, you can see all entries (6200 kanji in version 8.3; more to be added in the future) The free version of JiShop called "JiShop Concise" works at Concise level from Monday to Thursday, at Plus level on Friday, and at Advanced level on Saturday and Sunday. Upgrade your copy to JiShop Plus or JiShop Advanced to get rid of these limitations.