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Home > bada

This is the homepage of the bada port of JiShop, a Japanese/English kanji and compound word dictionary.

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JiShop/bada is a shareware product - for free it provides a dictionary with 1006 characters from the "Gakushū kanji" list. To remove the limitation, please purchase a license inside the app.

Last update: January 28/March 19, 2013. Release 1.3.0.

See the update history.

For project updates and feedback, please visit the JiShop page on Facebook. Also, we have a mailing list; to subscribe, provide your e-mail in the box below and click the "Subscribe" button.

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JISHOP/bada screenshot

In this release, the following features are supported (new ones in boldface):

  • Kanji search
    • By radicals (up to 4)
    • By reading (on or kun)
    • By English meaning (translation)
    • By stroke count
    • Using noncanonical decompositions
  • Compound word search
    • By kanji (up to 4)
    • By reading (in kana or in rōmaji)
    • By English meaning (translation)
  • Radical table filtering:
    • By radical interrelationship
    • By decomposition of a found kanji
  • Internal hyperlinking
  • Radical information
  • Kanji stroke order diagrams

See also the full manual with screenshots.

The database of JiShop/bada is identical to that of JiShop/Windows.