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Home > FAQ > Plans

The next minor versions of the dictionary will be mainly devoted to JiPad written input tool, improving its recognition quality and introducing new options (see the details in the closing part of JiPad section). The next major version, JiShop 8.0 will be released not earlier than 2014.

The following functional features can be expected in the 8th and later versions of JiShop:

  • More advanced implementation of the kanji drill;
  • Word drill;
  • Multiple output of several dictionary entries;
  • Special search options.

The first priority is still given to finishing the database: completing the remaining kanji entries and adding more compound words to the phonetic dictionary.

After all database tables are completed, JiShop will begin to gradually introduce new options and new data including:

  • An informational system networking characters in groups of synonyms;
  • Extra information about the characters (their readings in Chinese language, calligraphic writings, and so on);
  • Readings in personal names for all kanji;
  • System of dynamic hints;
  • User-defined dictionary data;
  • Some useful characters outside the computer set JIS X 0208-1990 (from the set JIS X 0212-1990).

A new major version of JiShop will be released once a year, however downloadable files for database tables will appear on the website more frequently. In the case of a bug report, the repaired minor version will be released shortly thereafter. All new files are available on the JiShop website with the specified version number and release date.

When the dictionary is completed, it will be the base for developing an educational software system for learning Japanese characters by mnemonic method of plot chains. This method is discussed in the "Articles" section of the JiShop website.