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JiShop/Windows update history

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JiShop/Windows update history
Home > News > Update history

January 7, 2017  JiShop 7.7.1 released (patch)
Some bugs fixed

December 31, 2016  JiShop 7.7 released
Improved JiPad

December 20, 2015  JiShop 7.6 released:
Improved order of phonetic dictionary results

November 11, 2014  JiShop 7.5 released:
JiPad: graphical macros (see the list).
JiPad: drawing perfectly straight strokes (with Shift key pressed).
JiPad: erasing strokes by crossing them (with Ctrl key pressed).
Customized choice between bitmap and outline fonts for kanji/kana

January 8, 2014JiShop 7.4 released
Enlarged kanji radical images (48x48 pixels).
JiPad: "Line width" setting.
Database updated (+100 edited kanji entries).

July 11, 2013JiShop 7.3 released
JiPad: recognizing joined-up drawings (see the list).
JiPad: grid on the drawing area.
Grid in the window of kanji magnification.
"Open data folder" option in the main menu.
Database updated (+100 edited kanji entries).

May 8, 2013JiShop 7.2 released
Improved JiPad.
Extended trial period
Database updated (+1500 compound words).

February 28, 2013JiShop 7.1 released
Improved JiPad.
Other small improvements.
Database updated (+100 edited kanji entries).

July 22, 2012JiShop 7.0 released
JiPad written input tool.

December 2, 2011JiShop 6.1 released
All one-kanji words included in the phonetic dictionary.
New filters in the phonetic dictionary.
Playing the sound of a word.
Database statistics window.
More details about version 6.1

September 19, 2011  JiShop 6.0 released
New graphics.
Step-by-step decomposition of a kanji.
Expanded and improved Radical Info.
Renaming kanji and radicals.
Changes in "Joyo Kanji" list.
More details about version 6.0

April 14, 2010JiShop 5.3 released
Small functional improvements.

November 16, 2009JiShop 5.2 released
Correct functioning under Windows 7. Kana drill.

October 17, 2009JiShop 5.1 released
Revised graphic structure for 168 kanji.
One more button in the table of radicals.
Improved search by fragments of readings.
Export of drill groups to text files.
More details about version 5.1

June 10, 2009JiShop 5.0 released
New scheme of utility grades.
New organization of file storage.
New features in kanji drill.
Integration with Strokes add-on.
Setting antialias.
Instant search.
Web-search options.
Viewing fresh data.
Automatic check of updates.
Many more.
More details about version 5.0

January 30, 2008JiShop 4.0 released.
Rich text mode.
Drill groups.
Unfolded lists.
Enlarging search results window.
Improved graphics.
Many more.
More details about version 4.0

May 2, 2007JiShop 3.0 released.
Search by traditional keys.
Magnifying kanji.
Codes, indexes and keys.
Concise entry format.
Direct kana input.
Kanji drill.
More details about version 3.0

May 6, 2006JiShop 2.5 released.
Many graphical and formatting bugs fixed.
Shortcut keys A, D, Q, E  to scroll the search results.

February 20, 2006JiShop 2.4 released.
Large screen layout (extra mode).
Balanced design for small screens.
"Overall text size" setting.
"Column numbers on top and bottom" setting.
Shortcut keys 1-9 to select a kanji from search results.
Color adjustment of highlighting.
Small improvements to the format.

December 15, 2005JiShop 2.3 released.
Better setup program.
Correct interface layout for 120 dpi settings.
Popup hints for kanji in all windows.
"Chinese reading by katakana" setting added.
"No square brackets" setting added for kana transcription.
Countless small improvements made and bugs fixed.

August 23, 2005JiShop 2.2 released.
Trial period bug fixed.

August 15, 2005JiShop 2.1 released.
Many bugs fixed.
Mouse wheel support added.

July 1, 2005JiShop 2.0 released.
New database architecture (SQLite).
Original overall design.
Improved dictionary entry layout.
Search for readings in names.
Full screen mode.

January 14, 2005JiShop 1.0 released.
(Access database; standard Windows visual style;
3600 edited kanji entries;
about 6000 translated compounds).